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  • Ta Da! A Graphic Design Show
    Ta Da! A Graphic Design Show

    August 2014 25 conceptual graphic designers from Vermont College of Fine Arts’ graduate program visualize “TaDa!” as graphic design using varied media, sizes, dimensionality, and styles. The Masters of Graphic Design program at Vermont College...

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  • Veri

    A participatory exhibit. April 2013 Veri documents my experience with bipolar II disorder through writing and a curated collection of photography. Miniature Worlds was curated to be impersonal, although the reality was that I could...

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  • Collective Collection
    Collective Collection

    Collective Collection answers the question “What is love?” through a progressive, additive, collection. Tasked with curating “love” through the mail, each contributor becomes a curator by adding an item to the collection, then sending it...

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Some Highlights


As a participant in Easthampton’s Mills Arts Program (MAP) I curated “TaDa!, A graphic design show” during August 2014. From selecting art and communicating with the 25 artists included in the show, to marketing and promotion, to the deinstallation and art return, I did the curating, hanging, marketing, gallery attending, artist communication, and fund-raising myself.

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Eight years as a board member and multiple committee leader of the Easthampton Chamber of Commerce; President of my MFA graduating class, responsible for planning the first ever graphic design thesis show and graduation ceremony; Managed 8–10 employees and several interns as the owner of Leslie Tane Design; Supervised a 4-5 person team as Senior Designer at New Chapter. I like to lead, and I’m good at it.

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I created a personal project, Curatorial 365, for which I read one art/curation/exhibit essay every day for a year. I chose a phrase from each piece that resonated with me and I designed a 4×6” postcard. This project will be on display during July 2015 at Hosmer Gallery in Northampton.

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Ta Da! A Video